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What Harold Doherty apparently won’t print.

May 28, 2015

Exactly what’s happened/is happening in NB. ABA (specifically Lovaas – DDT) is encouraged as the only ‘scientifically proven to be effective’ method for dealing with those diagnosed. And guess what? The only parent/caregiver course for dealing with autism is – ABA-based.


I have repeatedly tried to point out to Harold Doherty that far from protecting autistic people, his views of us actually endanger a good many of us. In the service of his cause (silencing the voices of autistic self-advocates, as far as I can tell), he has trotted out the old and dangerous myth that anyone capable of communicating a desire to remain autistic is, in fact, oblivious to the realities of self-injury, institutionalization, running into the street, and so forth.

In response to his post about the supposed “siren call” of neurodiversity advocates, I wrote a reply that among other things acknowledged the reality of autistic people who are considered severely disabled (that’s a classification I officially belong to), and the experiences we go through, but proposed another way of looking at this.

In addition to failing to post my comment, he has written a further response that…

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